Sunday, January 16

Look what I did

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect wall paper for our powder room downstairs. Every time I found something I loved, I also found that it was way out of my budget. In continuing my search, I was so inspired by the office featured over at She created a template and painted her own wall paper. I downloaded the template and tried it. The powder room turned out AMAZING. I couldn't be happier and I've had so many compliments on it. Other than being time consuming; this really isn't that difficult of a project.

Saturday, January 15

Inspiring Entryways

There's something for everyone......

* images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful & Country Living.

P.S. My hubby comes home today and I'm super excited!

Tuesday, January 11

Get Organized!

We are having a snow day, well actually it's an ice day here in Charlotte. Nothing better to do then get organized; in between Beckett's naps. I am starting in the office and working my way around the house. Here are a couple of pics that are going to get me going, courtesy of who else... Martha Stewart.

Thursday, December 23

Merry Christmas Eve

It's been a busy, busy holiday season for us. Beckett turned the big ONE last weekend so we had a house jam packed with family. I know I promised pics of how our Thanksgiving turned out, but time got away from me. This is a quick recap of the last couple of weeks from Christmas with the family, Beckett's first birthday and a little Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

p.s. New Year's resolution = make time to update the blog more often :)

Christmas 2010
Pretty tree
Wreath in kitchen

Beckett turns ONE!!
No hesitation. He dug right in.
Licking the frosting off his hands after we took the cake away.
What a chocolate mess!!

Thanksgiving 2010
My brother-in-law Rob brought his smoker over to do the turkey's
Tregg wanted to grab that turkey and run.
Best turkey we've ever had. Unfortunately for Rob, he's on turkey duty every year now.
Sausage bread. Mmmmmm & gluten free

Wednesday, November 24

Last minute Thanksgiving inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Stay tuned for pics from our Thanksgiving.

*all images courtesy of and Martha

Monday, October 25

Gettin' Crafty

My sister was here last weekend and we decided to take on a small craft project. Other than the fact that she burnt the you know what out of my hand with the glue gun, it was a fairly easy project. I got the idea for the wreath over at jones design company. We made a couple of modifications to make it our own. Here's how it turned out-->

Step 1: Wrap strips of burlap around a foam wreath. Use push pins to secure.
Step 2: Use wire floral thread to weave in and out of burlap strips. Pull tight to create a ruffle. I like using wire thread because it helps hold the shape.
Step 3: Adhere burlap ruffle to burlap wrapped wreath using straight pins and a hot glue gun.
Ta-da!! Decorate as you like. I have a TON of buttons so that was my accessory of choice.

You can find the full tutorial at We definitely did the abbreviated but nevertheless, are happy with the way it turned out. It was super easy too. We finished the whole wreath while Beckett was taking his afternoon nap. Give it a try! If you do, send me pics. I'd love to see other variations.

Wednesday, September 22

Happy Fall

Tomorrow marks the official first day of Fall, although you wouldn't know it. It is still 90 plus degrees every day and I can't really remember the last time it rained. Soon enough the air will be crisp and the leaves will start to turn. I can't wait!! This is my absolute favorite time of year. And this is going to be the best Fall season ever because I have a new little one to share it with.